1.General Rules: The owner of an account is the registered email address of that account. E-mails sent outside the registered e-mail address are ignored. It is not an excuse not to know the rules described by the game management. All players must know the rules. Each player who is a member of the game undertakes to accept all the rules. The player is obliged to abide by the rules of the game and other means of communication of OGame Global. When it is determined that it does not comply with the rules, its record (s) (different universes) are frozen for temporary or deletion. If the player is to complain to the operator on any matter, the timeout period of the complaint is 72 hours. If more than 72 hours have elapsed between the occurrence of the complaint and the complaint, the complaints may not be considered (depending on the nature of the complaint) and the player must prove it.
2. Rule Gaps and Practices: For decisions that are not explicitly stated in the rules, admin decisions are applied.

3. Account Transfer: The accounts to be transferred must be placed in holiday mode. If the transfer is requested without taking a holiday, all the responsibility belongs to the players. Changes to the account to be transferred such as name, e-mail address by the player is a penalty. At least 30 days have to pass before an e-mail exchange can be made. Account transfer cannot be made in the first 30 days following the opening of the universe.

4.Player Register: Penalties imposed since the opening of the account are not deleted from the account register. For example; If the account has been punished twice for insulting and the new owner insulted once, the account is closed for deletion.

5. Bug Use (Program Errors): Bug use is strictly prohibited. Each player is obliged to inform the Admissions immediately of any programming errors or gaps found. Records of those who exploit these errors

3. In case of infringement, the account shall be evaluated with the penalty of CLOSE.

Sharing the bugs they find with the players without correcting them is counted as taking advantage of the bug and punishment is applied as if the bug was used.

6. Interventions to the Technique of the Game and Utilities: The use of any method that interferes with or hinders the playability of the game is prohibited. In particular, the use of automatic or semi-automatic scripts (for example, constantly asking questions to the knowledge base, setting up auxiliary mechanisms and formations in the game) is strictly prohibited. It is forbidden to use software that opens games or receives automatic information within the game and any additional programs and methods that are not explained by the administrators that it is safe to use. Players who violate this rule will be penalized under Article 5.

7. Violation of the Rule: Attempts to exploit the rule deficit will always be considered negative and the most appropriate fines / penalties will be applied according to the subject. In organized actions, which are planned, which contain a few rules violations together and that are taken care of not to attract attention, penalties that may reach an account closure under the name of heavy (organized) fraud may be applied.

8. Trade - Trade: Metal swap / trade can be done by transporting raw materials between two players. Proportions to be applied: In the Forum section of the Forum are specified separately for each universe. When a player trades with a player with a low score, he cannot change the odds in his favor! The given rates must be strictly observed. It is forbidden to make deviations in favor of even high scores. The odds can be changed in favor of a low-score player. These transfers must be mutually completed within a 24-hour period.
1. Breach: Records 2 DAYS HOLIDAY
2nd violation: Records 3 DAYS HOLIDAYS

9. Attack Rule (Attack Limit): Up to 4 attacks can be made to any player's planet within 24 hours. 24 hours from the moment the first attack fleet arrives on the planet. The rule for each planet and moon is applied separately. When evaluating the attack times, the arrival time of the attacking fleets to the defending player's planet is evaluated. The attack limit does not apply to i or I (inactive) accounts. The winnings in attacks that constitute a violation are returned to the defender at the end of the penalty. Spy probes sent by means of an offensive attack are included in the 4/24 rule. Death Star (RIP) attacks that go to destroy the moon are also included in the 4/24 rule. Spy probes cannot be looted. Players must notify the administrators of the exact time of battle and the coordinate of the attack while reporting the attack system violations via the support system. Otherwise, they cannot ask the administration to examine the war reports.

1st violation: 2 DAYS HOLIDAY: return of unfair earnings / violations of attacks and any damage to the defender and compensation for the looted mine.

2nd violation: 3 DAYS HOLIDAY: all the damage caused to the defender and the compensation of the looted mine.


10. Attack an alliance friend: No alliance can be attacked against an alliance friend or a player who has not elapsed after 48 hours after he / she has been expelled. Neither I and I (inactive) alliance members with or without vacation cannot be attacked.

In the Top 100, players who have previously played ISPs cannot battle except for the month.

1st violation: 1 DAY HOLIDAY + sending defender's damage to manager
2nd violation: 2 DAYS HOLIDAY + send defender's damage to manager
Ongoing violations 5 DAYS HOLIDAY + defender to send the damage to the manager

11. ISP (Alliance War System): Fleets forming the ISP attack are evaluated within the framework of the attack rules. That is, each player is considered to have made as many attacks as the number of fleets he enters into battle. Therefore, non-combatant fleets are not included in the 4/24 attack rule. GD and ruin sharing within the ISP is proportional to the ratio of the fleet in which the participants participated in the war. The general rules of the game apply within the ISP. Related sanctions will be applied for the use of bugs, attacks and similar violations.
The number of fleets that can join ISS at one time is 10 (ten) ’

12. Supplements: A player's sending / transferring raw materials to another player without any reason is considered as reinforcement. It is strictly forbidden for the low-score player to send unrequited raw materials to the high-score player. However, it is safe for the high-score player to send raw materials to the low-score player for charity purposes. In this case, the granting player must be aware of the possible changes between the granting player and the score between them. Reinforcement does not only involve the transport of raw materials. Cases that resemble the following will enter a non-permitted reinforcement
a-) Leaving the resources on their planet very clearly, against attacks,
b-) Attack with weak fleets to create a ruin area
c-) Contracted wars

1st Violation: 1 day / holiday mode + ruin and sent mine to manager
2nd violation: 2 days / holiday mode + ruin and sent mine to manager
Violation 3: 5 days / holiday + ruin in case of ongoing violations and sending the mine to the manager

13. Moon Trial: Month Trial is required by filling out the following forum to get permission from the game support system.

Month leave form

Player name:
Coordinate :
Supporting player:
Planet to test the moon:
Number of fleets:
How many sorties:

Moon Trial: Represents the fleet movements of the players in order to make a moon. Trials are carried out with the impact of the attacking fleet, the attacker hitting the defender, and the loss of both sides. The most important point to be considered during the trial "High-score player in favor of the transfer of unfair mineral transfer" is realized. Otherwise "Reinforcement Penalty" will be applied. * The damage of the attacking player must be compensated. If the attacker loses losses, the amount of loss and the total deuterium he has burned must be met by the defending player within 48 hours of the time of battle. Otherwise, "Reinforcement Penalty" will be applied, if this occurs as a result of the trial moon will be deleted. This item is invalid only if solar satellites are detonated. *** The player must complete the month trial and pay off the damage and fuel if the attacker is rated lower than himself. In the event that a high-score player is attacking, compensation is left to the player's will. There are no sanctions for 3rd party fleet movements during the month trials. (moon trial squadrons locked and shot by another player, stolen ruins, etc.)

Moon Trial Violations

1st Breach 1 DAY HOLIDAY + Compensation for damages
2nd Breach 3 DAYS HOLIDAY + Compensation for damage
5 DAYS HOLIDAY + Compensation of Damages and deletion of the moon

14. An alliance can wage war on another.
a) For an alliance to wage war; DIPLOMASI at the Forum of OGame Global The following information must be clearly stated in the relevant Universe section: Full name of the alliance that led the war Full name of the alliance opened the war
b) 12 hours of non-aggression period after one of the game managers has written a confirmation message in the proceedings of the forum, followed by official war.
c) when two alliances are at war with each other, the rule of 24/24 is invalid. So there are no restrictions on the number of attacks.
d) In the non-attack period of 12 hours, the attack cannot be done, if it is done, there will be a violation of the rule of attack and the alliance that violates will have to pay 2 times the unit loss of the damage done to the other party. Responsible for unpaid compensation within 48 hours is considered the leader of the alliance and the leader receives a 2-day holiday penalty.
e) A war-allied alliance does not have to ratify the declaration. The alliance member who does not want to enter the war must leave the alliance. Only the leader of the alliance can accept the defeat, and the alliance war ends when the game manager makes a notice under the relevant topic in the forum after notifying the game managers. Fleets lifted to the other party before the general announcement is not included in this rule. The alliance leader must have the knowledge of the alliance that opened the war. Otherwise, the war is not approved.
f) A war shall last no more than 15 days from the date of ratification.
g) 15 days after the approval, a new war declaration may be made if requested, but the battles that have not been declared terminated shall be terminated by counting as a draw after 15 days.
h) If the alliance names are declared incorrect or incomplete in the declaration of war, the declaration shall be invalid.
 i) Only inter-alliance warfare can be launched. Players who do not have alliances can never join the battle.

15. Interplanetary Rocket: Interplanetary rocket is out of the scope of malicious attack. GAR attacks are not added to the number of attacks. So unlimited station can be discarded. It is free to receive GAR support from other players but it is not allowed to pay for this support, in short, the player who supports another player with their own Train will grant them. If a low-rated player or players support the GAR, there is no harm in granting them a mine grant.

16. Alliance assistance: After an attack, the alliance can provide mine assistance to the attacked member to match the type and amount of damage. However, before doing so, the player receiving the attack must send a message from the game support system to the managers, which will include a list of players who will help the entire Battle report of Total Damage. The aid should be of the type of loss and not exceed this loss. (for example, 400k deuterium should not be sent to the player who lost 300k metal 100k crystal) If the operator does not specify a time from the date and time of permission, the alliance members mentioned in the help list, alliance within 24 hours, may cover the loss of the player. Exceeding this period is strictly prohibited. Only members of the alliance can participate in the alliance assistance and, as noted above, it is essential to inform the managers, otherwise a violation of the rule will result in unauthorized grants and penalties under Article 12

17. Prohibitions It is strictly forbidden to write all kinds of political propaganda and religious articles and to act against the law. The user is responsible for this behavior. Any abbreviation, coding and implication will be evaluated negatively. Fines; if the alliance is to be given for name, tag or contents, the penalty shall be imposed on the founder of the alliance. There will be holiday penalties between 1 and 3 days according to the content of the penalty subject.

Space is a game and politics and party propaganda are forbidden. Alliances that fail to comply with this will be dissolved and closed, and its founders punished. In order to validate this rule is contrary to the law chosen names of the Republic of Turkey, the ban symbolize party or organization or must be very clear way of naming or elements of propaganda. CHP As described above, the AKP, MHP, such as political parties or political / religious community names, as well as the Republic of Turkey, "Ataturk" or use names without the right of anyone else as a nation of institutions and individuals names are strictly prohibited.


18. Blasphemy / Insult: Blasphemy and insults are punished according to the content. In very severe insults, game managers have the authority to close the account directly.

1st violation: 2 days holiday (in all universes)
2nd violation: 5 days holiday (in all universes)
3rd violation: registration is closed (in all universes)

The registration is closed (in all universes) if it contains blasphemy / insults against individuals who are not involved in the game, or if it contains blasphemy / insults against people who are not involved in the game, but in the real world.

19. In-game messages and alliance circulars should not be considered as a special means of communication for players, and abusive speeches, political propaganda, and actions condemning the administration should be avoided. Insults and profanity messages cannot be written for third parties in the conversations between the players. There is no need to complain in such cases. The provisions of Article 18 apply.

20. Real-Life Threats: Real-life threats at the forum, profanity / insults and implications for individuals who are not involved in the game, and insults to the OGame Global rulers and other active OGame Global players may be sanctioned by the Administrators in the relevant universe or all universes. In addition, in case of violations other than blasphemy and insult on the forum platform connected to the game, upon the request of the Forum Admin, penalties varying according to the severity of the violation by the game administra- tors may be imposed in the relevant universe or in all universes.

a) Connection and IP Use of an account by multiple users is strictly prohibited. An account can only be used by the owner of the fixed email address in the record. Each player can only open and play 1 record per universe. Multiple records opened or played by one person in the same universe are frozen for deletion as soon as they are detected. Active or passive, attack, raw material field, espionage, the use of radar reports, mine reinforcement, or just for the purpose of writing messages, so whatever it is used to open multiple records is strictly forbidden! Once detected, all accounts except the last registered account are closed by the administrators.
b) Connection of more than one account through the same IP address Account holders who use the same connection or where there are more than one computer connected to the internet (school, internet café, workplace, etc.) are required to report these situations regularly. If more than one player is connected via an IP address, at least one of these players will receive information from the support system in their account to the relevant universe administrators, where the account names and home planet coordinates connected from the same IP use the common IP (example: School, Dormitory, home, workplace) information. After the e-mail is discarded, it is necessary to ensure that it is confirmed by administrators. Among the accounts connected over the same IP, from the date of authorization; trade, grant, attack, etc. Any kind of fleet movement is prohibited. These include month trials and ISS. Notifying administrators of login information from the same IP never gives players the right to care for the relevant accounts. The same IP notification expires when the account is transferred. Whether or not login information is given from the same IP; It is the players' responsibility to prove that more than one player is connected from this IP address when a suspicious situation arises. Otherwise, all records opened here will be frozen. If the games played over that IP show parallelism, a punishable situation arises;

22. Holiday mode: Accounts in holiday mode that are inactive for 21 days can be removed from the holiday mode by game managers.
23. Non-profit attacks and fleet movements are prohibited in order to prevent the player from entering holiday mode, to prevent irradiation and so on. In such cases, admin decisions are applied according to the violation.